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Our digital device reduction app helps young people  reduce the amount of time they spend on digital devices to become more active and healthy by monitoring screen time, with incentives for time away from screens and offering rewards and prizes for getting more active.

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Students share their thoughts about Digital Advantage.

Research on people’s screen time

In midweek when we went around the school to do research on people's screen time and how long people spent online. We asked them whether they had too much screen time and what would they do instead of looking at their screens

What We Think Of The Week.

Student reflections I have enjoyed set up the camera . I have had difficulty putting the camera on the tripod I would like to-like  work in digital industry I have used my confidence    ...

The Story So Far……

      The Problem How to reduce the amount of time young people spend on screen time to many them healthier and have fun! Day One We planned the idea of how to get teenagers off social media, video games and the internet. Day Two We was talking about the script...

Plane Teams

  Plane Task We had to make a paper plane with our partner using one hand each. We had to communicate and help each other with folding the plane. We struggled with everything at first because it is tricky to do. We finally advanced on to the next part and that’s...

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